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Version features:
The Lingmo OS 2.0 Beta version has added some new features, with the underlying upgrade to Debian GNU/Linux 12. At the same time, Lingmo OS also includes commonly used software such as libreoffice office software and GNOME store. Lingmo OS can run on hardware with>2GB of memory. The Lingmo OS image includes the debian installer installation program and the calamares installation program.

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Ask Lingmo OS

  • What is Lingmo OS?

    LingmoOS - meaning "agile and smooth ink", symbolizes the efficiency and beautiful UI design of the system. Lingmo OS is a desktop based Linux operating system developed based on the open-source Linux kernel and adapted to the amd64 architecture. It has a beautiful desktop environment, software that is compatible with the desktop environment, and a unified UI style. The goal of Lingmo OS is to provide users with a luxurious and practical desktop environment as well as a smooth experience on high-performance hardware.

  • How to install the Lingmo operating system on a physical machine?

    You need to prepare: a Lingmo OS CD image file, a USB storage of no less than 8GB, and a disk writing tool (recommended by Ventoy); After you are ready, use the disk writing tool to write the iso of Lingmo OS into your USB storage, After successful writing, insert the USB memory into the computer where Lingmo OS needs to be installed, set the first startup item to your USB memory, and enter, As expected, you have entered the boot menu, select the first item "Live LingmoOS" or select "Install Lingmo OS" to enter the installation interface, When you select the first option, you enter the Live environment of Lingmo OS, where you can try it out without modifying the system, If you want to install it on your computer, after entering the Live environment, find the "Install System" program, click on it, and you will open the installation program, This program will guide you to install Lingmo OS on your computer.

  • Problem feedback

    When you encounter some extreme bugs or issues while using Lingmo OS, you can contact our email list Send a detailed description of the problem or provide feedback on the issue in our community at, As well as the triggering conditions, we will test and evaluate the issue, come up with a solution, and resolve it through the next update.

  • Is Lingmo OS free?

    Lingmo OS is completely free to provide users with iso, and there are no charging options during use.

  • Can I join the development team?

    As long as you have experience with any type of C++/QML/shell/C/Python/HTML/CSS code, are familiar with Linux, or are a designer You can join our development team by clicking on Gitee/Github or email list Send us a developer request and we will evaluate your application.

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